Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Why Kaala sounds like a Comedy Flick?

Yes it’s too late to review Kaala. Doesn’t matter anyway. You know what happened to the film. Don’t you? 

Truth tastes bitter and that’s reality. Most of us have grown up listening to this references and you know what’s the worst part? 

The highly worshipped star of India like Rajnikanth had to succumb to the truth in his latest flick. Oblivious of his ideology through his yet-to-be finalised political ambitions, the man of masses had to fall prey to Pa Ranjith’s confused ideologies. Ok. Call it frustration. Easy no? Let’s see how it happens? 

Apart from Rajni’s fans, most of the folks pondered WHY after a lukewarm response Kabali received. 

With the same director, same ideology, ( coughs ), Kaala struck us back.

This time with a black shirt and a black dhoti. Because, it wasn’t Malaysia. It was Aamchi Mumbai amigos. To seek more attention, it was Dharavi, the same Ghetto region which inspired Kamal’s Nayakan and many other commercial pot boilers. 

Like Kabali, Rajni had to step into the shoes of a Gangster again who ironically is the only man of the Dravidian masses. Because, Director has an ideology folks. Unfortunately, only he understands it. 

Kaala again portrays a beard look who often depends on his kids and goons to do the talking; apart from the pre interval block where he is found bashing the goons with an umbrella. Never expect logic here. It’s Rajni after all!

As a fan, I had some expectations from Rajni again. But, Pa Ranjith had a ball. Seriously! He was keen to bring all the ‘isms’ under one roof. Be it, the beef stalls, the leftist themes, the ambedkar terms and what not. What was missing? A story! 

After a tiring one hour, Nana Patekar, the villain as Hari Dada enters and thankfully lightens up the mood. 

Did his attire make the difference? Contrary to Kaala, Hari Dada has a white makeover you see. 

Irony is, Hari Dada is synonymous with Kaala’s attitude. Yes. Both sound same. Hari Dada has a purpose. He wants to give Dharavi a new name by making it Digital. He wants to rebuild it and at the same time, he also eyes on money. Let’s face it, it’s a politician thing. 

Kaala is against it. He isn’t game for development. He doesn’t want the ghettos to shine and neither does he wants to develop it too. Not in the present and not in the future. Macha. Are you for real? You did well in ‘Muthu’ man, what happened now? 

Thus, the movie is full of ideologies and themes. In an attempt of making a movie, the director ended up glorifying his opinions. 

As for Rajnikanth, it was a strong foundation to kick start his political ambitions. But, let’s pray his political career isn’t too Kaala ( Dark ). As a fan, I wish him success. 

Written by Vishal Aryan Komara! 

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

You Are Not Living For Yourself

Yes. That’s true. Most of us have succumbed to our jobs, personal songs and the monotonous routine. 

In the journey of achieving many things in your lives, you slowly forget yourself. You forget your interests. You forget your purpose. Gradually, after a few years, you would just be a person living in someone’s dreams. 

You have time for social media, tinder, gossips, meetings, breaks and what not. 

An average human gets 7% of the time in a day to work on their personal interests, which is precisely called a Bucket List. 

And, the irony is most of that time goes into thinking and guess what? It again leads to more thinking. 

But, here is how you can be the smart ass by accomplishing your Bucket List by not sacrificing your cravings

For instance, 

You can binge watch your Netflix favourites by hitting the cycle 

You’re going nuts over that pretty girl or that handsome chap. Isn’t it? Millennials love fitness folks. So, every time you swipe in tinder, make sure you’ve shed some calories mate. 

You are really game for a trip. But, your friends aren’t interested. To hell with them. Embark on a solo trip. Meet new people, strike some like-minded conversations and build a new story around you. 

If your near and dear ones are always pleasing you to click a photograph, you know what does it mean? You’ve got some serious skills. Grab your camera, step out of your house, try something new and yes, you shall definitely be happy after taking those cringeworthy selfies.

Every time, you crave for a Biryani, mount your fitness regime. After all, people who enjoy life rarely, have a flat stomach. 

Your Ola and Uber are causing a pain in the arse. Right? Well, screw them for a month and take your bicycle to work. Maybe, your boss might get impressed and give you an appraisal too. 

Most of the people would second such thoughts to fiction and move on to their regular-never-ending-monotonous-lifestyles. 

But, as told before, such Bucket List Ideas can be accomplished for real and there are thousands of such people who are making it happen. 

What if you get a chance to connect with such people? Wouldn’t that be great? In fact, you would be stepping into a new life, a life where you can find yourself - the REAL YOU! 

Here comes Woovly, your game changer Bucket List platform.

Filled with 1000+ Bucket List Ideas,1000+stories, 1000+ experiences, you can now easily devote that 7% to your personal interests. Maybe you can multiply it with the help of Woovly. 

So, if you really wanna waste your precious time. Waste it wisely and for better results, count 

Monday, 19 March 2018

A humorous take on India and Bangladesh Final - What Actually Happened

34 Needed in 12 balls 

Dinesh Karthik walks into the crease

He loosens the gloves and again tightens it

He is anxious
He is petrified 
Hundreds of thoughts in head 
All this in a span of few minutes 

All of a sudden, he’s been possessed with a spirit 

That too in a middle of a match

Well, he can’t stop a match as it is a final.

So, he gets ready though he is possessed.

But, all of a sudden, he realizes the spirit is a good one. It is highly calm and composed. Definitely not the one which is found in the Bollywood horror genre

So, he faces the ball and to the crowd surprise, he hammers a six!

Woah! The spirit’s charm is working, thought Dinesh Karthik and gets ready for the next ball. 

He hits a four again to the fence and this time, he’s clueless 

So do the newbie Shekhar at the non-striker end 

Boom! Dinesh again smashes a six for the third ball and the nail-biting session continues till the last over 

Last over begins 

India loses another wicket and thanks to the possessed spirit, Dinesh Karthik is on strike. There is one ball to spare and six to grab the winning cup 

Dinesh surprisingly is super calm and cool. Looks like he’s playing a gully match in the ghettos of Dharavi 

But no? It is a final. You smash a six, you go home with a win. You lose. you go home with nothing.

So, Dinesh Karthik has still no clue. Thanks to the spirit, he lofts the winning six in style to save India 

Indian players run towards Dinesh and he still has no clue. Just before the players come closer, the spirit wearing a jersey number 7 leaves him and guess what? He still has no clue. 

People are hailing him as the next big thing in cricket and the players are piling on him and still, he has no clue. That’s when it struck him, there is always a lightning spirit behind the stumps and luckily it hit him today!

This is a work of satirical fiction. No offence folks!

- Vishal Aryan Komara

Friday, 22 September 2017

Yeh Mera Media! I Love My Media!

© Written By Vishal Aryan Komara
Note - The below article is a political satire and I hope it counts.

Aspiring Journalist Ravi knew nothing about the Media Hub. But still gave an interview at Traffic of India, a well-known tabloid. He thought his so-called passion can make a difference to the media industry. He got selected in flying colors and embraced his luck for the favor. But little did he know about the reality he is about to face.


Hello, I’m Ravi and today is my joining. I need to meet the HR Manager so I can get started with the formalities.

Please be seated sir as the HR manager is busy working on the Friday Fun Activity.

But, why they have to hurry? It’s just Monday today!

Sir, it is not the matter of rushing up. We call it employee engagement. Please be seated for some time.

After few minutes of glancing the ‘Economic Times’ on the table,

Hello Ravi,

Are you the new puppet?

Sorry, mam.

Are you the new joiner? I meant.

Yes, Mam. I’m Ravi from Bangalore. I was told to report today and get my joining formalities done.

Ok, Ravi. I’m Anita, the HR Manager here and I will be handling the ‘Employee engagement’ department.

Mam, could you be more precise?

From Monday to Thursday, I shall be a reminder and on Fridays, I shall be the host.

Great mam. That’s a lot of work.

No Ravi. That’s employee engagement.

No mam, I was referring to the work which employees have to go through.

Ravi. You are too smart. Aren’t you?

No mam. I’m still waiting for the formalities to begin.

OMG! Dude. This is the news industry. Formalities are formalities. Let us discuss it in the second half. We are getting late now. Hurry up. I shall take you the conference hall. We have an important meeting today.

Meeting Room - Where realistic opinions are never considered

Hello Guys,

This is Ravi, the new journo. He would be starting from today.

Ravi, please be seated and I shall introduce the team to you.

We are running short of time Anita. Let us do that later. Sorry, Ravi, I’m Varun and I’m the editor. We shall have a discussion later. We are actually in the middle of a brainstorming session.

Oh. That’s fine sir and what is the session about?

We are looking for some inputs to modify our news strategies so that we could gain more attention from the public.

So guys, Let us continue with the session.

Arun - I guess we should come up with celebrity interviews on a daily basis sir because junk is the new trend.

Ravi - But sir, we have women’s day coming up in this week. So we must come up with a two-page matter which covers most inspiring women from India who has made it big. That would actually connect with a lot of people. For instance, Ms. Indra Nooyi, the CEO of PepsiCo can be one of them. She is one among the world’s powerful women. Writing about such people might pump up the interest in our readers.

Editor - Oh. Come on Ravi. In India, Only Bollywood should represent feminism. Normally we don’t talk about the so-called inspiring women you mentioned. Other countries will take care of it.

Ravi - But sir.

Editor - It shall not work. Let us go by Arun’s strategy.

Karan - Sir, Kamal Hassan has shown interest in politics and he is eager to make an entry.

Ravi - But sir, he is just an actor. Isn't it too early to talk about it; instead we can cover about agriculture, lack of economic growth, urban pollution and not to forget our very own brothers and sisters from the north-east. We can start this as no media covers them. Why would anyone bother about an actor who is hinting his entry into politics? That too all of a sudden! Nobody cares.

Editor - No Ravi! We Care. We Indians care. We are mainstream and we prefer such issues to be realistic.

Ravi - But sir, this isn’t realistic.

Editor - Karan, I need a full page write-up about Kamal Hassan and his next political plans.

Ravi - Sir, we can start a show similar to ‘Ted Talks’ and invite inspiring and successful people from diversified backgrounds. For instance, we can invite Mr. Sundar Pichai to talk about his story so lot many youths can be empowered.

Editor - Look Ravi! Stop going international.

Ravi - Sir, Mr.Pichai is an Indian and he is the CEO of Google. Such personalities would definitely motivate the youth in India to think big. Isn’t it sir?   

Editor - No Ravi! We need to write about people who can just talk and not represent. And what empowerment you are talking about? When Mr. Pichai was in his 30’s he was already on the verge of becoming a ‘Technology Star’. But look at Kanhaiya; he is brainwashing people in his 30’s.

Ravi - Sir, but this show shall become a massive hit and we can expect great results out of it.

Editor - No Ravi. It shall not work and Karan, I need an interview on Kanhaiya coming up next week. Is that clear?

Karan - Yes sir.

Editor - So that’s it, folks. It was a good session and Ravi, let’s meet in the second half. You guys can leave now and just call Anita here for a moment.

Anita - Excuse me, sir.

Editor - Yes Anita. Come in. What’s your opinion on this new guy Ravi?

Anita - Sir. He is quite smart and sounds a great material.

Editor - That’s the problem. He is too thought-provoking. Put him in the editorial section and I guess he shall be a great fit there.

Anita - Editorial Section?

Editor - Yes! Realistic stuff which is the oldie’s favorite.

© Written By Vishal Aryan Komara

Note - The below article is a political satire and I hope it counts.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Not of the people, Not by the people and Not for the people?

© Written By Vishal Aryan Komara
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
#PoliticalSatire - Hope it counts!

The Arrival
Parshav, I have to go the diagnostic center to get the post-check up reports. Reach the airport on time and receive your grandfather. And yes, he is not an ordinary man, he is an Ex-Indian Army Hero. Greet him with a salute and..
Mom, It has been two years since Dad left us and his love for the country has uplifted my existing morals and ethics. So, I’m mature enough to value ‘true superheroes’.
Love you Son, Come back soon.
Sure Ma.
It has been two summers since I met my grandfather. It was an unforgettable one. It was my Dad’s Funeral. A grief stricken situation for sure! I was not just the only son but also the pampered chap. For us, we needed him and for him on the other end, he was lying down proud as he died fighting for his country. Two months before getting martyred, he had promised me to meet me as I was on the verge of establishing my own Content Media Start Up. However, fate served me a coffin with my father’s body and a smile of an Indian soldier’s pride.  
This time I reached the airport on time, but the announcement said the flight would be an hour late. I somehow killed some time watching families bidding adieu and receiving their loved ones.
The flight landed and my grandfather was there waiting for me. He was one of my best friends who could give me some fitness goals. At 75, a chiseled body with a retro look, he could have easily swept off a woman’s feet.
Hi Dada,
Hello, Parshav! Two years of boredom and I’m back to meet you all.
That’s great Dada, Was eagerly waiting to meet you and what’s wrong? Why didn’t you visit us in the past two years?
Oh! That’s a long story. After your dad and my wife left me. Everything seems to be strange now.
But Dada, you look quite young and fit now. You are getting better with age.
Parshav, some situations in life expects us to change in a drastic way and yes, I chose to be more fit now. And also, a peg of red wine is an added advantage.
Oh ya, now I get it. Even dad used to tell me the same.
After all, he is my son, Parshav.
Of Course Dada. Anyway, mom is waiting. Let us go home.
No. I have already dropped her a message saying that we shall be coming home late.
What? No. You need some rest due to the jet lag. Let us go home for lunch Dada.
No. I’m absolutely fine. From the past two years, I could never binge on a biryani and on top of that the cook which your mom sent was a brahmin.
Ya. Mom told me. She did it deliberately because doctors advised you to stay away from meat. Common Dada, you have cholesterol issues. She did the right thing.
Cholesterol and its issues? Now are you coming with me or Shall I drop you at home? I checked out some restaurants in Indiranagar.
But Dada, when did you become tech savvy?
Hmm, after throwing out the cook your mom sent and you better keep this as a secret.
Dada, that was savage. Anyway, since you are with us permanently now, you better control your temptations.
Don’t worry. I have a plan on the weekends. Now tell me, where is the car parked?
The Main Course
Hello Sir, get us two Hyderabadi biryanis? Make it full, Dada interrupted.
Relax Dada. they don’t serve it in halves here.
So Parshav. What have you decided about your next step? What did you decide about the last call we had?
Dada, I quit the 9 to 5 corporate gig and now I’m out to build my own startup.
So, you have decided not to get into your father’s footsteps.
Dada, the last time I met dad,  I was still in the corporate world. But I was just working on somebody’s dreams and I didn’t want to regret it before it’s too late. And you know what Dada? Dad wasn’t happy either back then. Before leaving, he told me to work on the idea I had so we can discuss it later. Even before dad left us, he was constantly in touch with me and kept on advising me. Well, it took me two years to call it quits. I guess he is happy about my decision.
What do you say, Dada?
Hmm. Go ahead. I guess he told me about this once. I thought you were just another infatuated millennial. But I didn’t know you were this passionate to follow your dreams.\
No Dada. I’m quite serious about it. Dad always wanted me to be purpose-oriented. He once told me that fighting the enemies across the border and taking the bullets might look different for others. But he always told me, he was destined to do that. He thought that’s his purpose. He loved fighting for his country.
Parshav, are you explaining about the duties of an Indian Soldier to your Grandfather?
No Dada. I’m talking about the ethics and values you have taught us.
Great Son. So, what is your new venture all about?
Dada, It is a Content Media Startup. To be more precise, an online media channel which shouts ‘worthy content’.
So, you are getting into the media songs and dancing to its tunes?
No Dada, Our motto is to dance to the public’s tunes. Shout, Write and Talk about the Reality.
So, how does it look different when compared to the current trend.
Great Dada, Now we are talking. Let me start by saying this. The society we live in or the current media trends as you said are ‘Not of the people, Not by the people and Not for the people’. They are obsessed for traffic or yes, the so called TRP. Basically, going by the current trend, no media sounds favoring the justice. It is just justifying justice.
The left hating the right and the right hating the left. Politicizing a tragedy and linking to another. Not just that, they also have bonus offers such as seasonal attacks on religious differences.For instance, like the IPL league, we have come up with major league competitions which are based on tradition, culture, religion etc. So no room for publicizing hard work and development! Going by the current media scenario, moral responsibility can never be their cup of tea. Because, they are on a mission to uplift the uplifted, glorify the ignorant intellectuals and pay less attention to the true heroes who represent our country.
If at all there is a tragedy, the solution is not the focus. The main focus is to politicize it and finally, it fades away into the past. So what’s so big in covering intellectual people with a pessimistic purpose. And you know what Dada, the current trend is not to show patriotism by representing your country but blurting out opinions. So what’s the use of opinions when you can’t be the change? What’s the use of having intellectuals with a communal mindset?
Parshav, so the young blood in you has so much to work on?
No Dada, I have already started.
Great Son, Gone are the pre independence days when our politicians were good and now it is just a blame game formula. Currently, for every solution there is a problem arising and Parshav, always remember, till date, whatever India has achieved, it is not because of the politicians or the media. It is US, the citizens of our country and not to forget our freedom fighters and the ‘Real Heroes’ at the border. So, if there has to be a change. There has to be a change. But by representing as a person.
So Dada, Did you like my idea?
Hmm. Let me give you a test first?
What if you come across a manhole which has taken around 100 lives and how would you react to it or how would you cover it as a news? Or let me put it like this - How are you going to showcase your so called ‘Moral Responsibility’?
First, I would shoot a video of the place and start creating a campaign on social media as that’s the best way to voice our opinions as results are faster. Second, I would write to the drainage and sanitation board to clean up the place instead of playing the video hours together. Third, I shall give a complaint to the nearest police station. So when the government is involved and exposed in social media, results have to come out. And Dada, one of my friend tried the same method in his hometown when there was a major water crisis, the result took 48 hours.
Oh. I guess you are through and you know what? It sounds like a utopian formula. But I wish you success and happiness!
Dada, before we wind up this talk, I always wanted you to ask something?
What’s that Parshav?
How could you come to terms with Dad’s death?
Simple! I was happy and Sad at the same time.
I didn’t get it, Dada.
Happy because he gave his life for the country and I was sad because I couldn’t give mine.  
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
#PoliticalSatire - Hope it counts!
© Written By Vishal Aryan Komara

Thursday, 27 April 2017

A Girlfriend's Realization.

Lochan makes a visit, gives a stare, and goes away with a blushed smile and the cycle repeats. However, the sitting duck here is me, – Aryan.

I seldom remember the day we met for the first time, but her grey matter was of top-notch.

The crucial part of the human career was the 12th grade, as our parents blurt out very often and to my ill – fated destiny, I had fallen in love with this lass at the same time. The feeling was like two people boarding a titanic vessel. Nothing was of sheer importance when you are in a relationship. Every aspect of your life would be a second option excepting for the love of your life. Every moment went on well, be it - watching talkies over a tub of popcorn, popping phone calls in the witching hours, long walks within few minutes. Theory of relativity made its presence. 

Was that Love or Infatuation? It was an intriguing moment to decide. As I knew, this ain’t the right time for the sparks to fly. Moreover, the graduation was waiting for me at the other end of the tunnel. The competition was toilsome; I had stuck in a grueling situation, where I was to choose my career and this yet-to-be-finalized relationship.

As I told before, everything feels secondary at that time even though it does not make any sense. However, I was true in my relationship, not knowing what was going on in her loaf. She aspired to be a Filmmaker and sometimes I used to get pissed off with her inclination towards Art. In the beginning, every moment was delirious and fresh. A few months later, the process became a bit predictable and the long walks suddenly transformed into a one – way traffic.

I was not possessive by nature; she had a free hand after all. Everything went on well, but not as before. However, dropping a bombshell was not my idea. If this was not enough, the final exams were about to begin in a week’s time. I had fallen down in the dumps; I sometimes really wonder what the subjects in my grade have to do with my career?

However, I change my mind and come back to the boring books and the most important aspect - which makes a presence in every student’s ontology – The Distraction part.

Holding the math book, staring at those curved hyperbolas and the inner soul shouts in a different pitch. It is a common process, as I have mentioned before.


Lochan could never meet me due to the exam preparations and the pressure from her orthodox parents was up to the skies limit.

Finally, the Gruesome Project came into the limelight. Everything went on well and the results were out in a fortnight. Her results had a boasting percentage of 88 and I was on cloud nine to be the premier among the last benchers.

She was not happy with my results. However, she did not show it on her face. I knew where I stand in my academics and was not peculiar about the grades.

Because, somewhere in my deep senses, I knew that the books were of no use to my career. However, according to the protocol, I needed them in my closet. It is just my opinion.

I slightly turned my career curve towards cooking as the white toque interested me and cooking was my impetuous passion from childhood. I was hardly 8 summers old when my granny passed away and she was a cooking maestro. However, she was a bit orthodox by nature and made sure that no one enters the kitchen.

Being youngest among the lot and most pampered in the entire house, I took this as an advantage to enter in the scullery. It was indeed a pride moment for me because no one so far had dared to go the kitchen.

However, I was of no use to my granny. She single Рhandedly managed the entire process with élan. A strict scrutiny was only my task.

After my granny passed away, the kitchen was no more a heaven. My mother went through a hellish process all day. She had to shuttle around between her work and the household songs. It was this time; I had a free hand in the kitchen and the entire room was mine.

However, I used to help my mother doing those veg - curries and south Indian dishes even though it was completely monotonous.

Being a vegetarian, I was more interested in cooking some Italian cuisines and up to the minute recipes in kebabs. However, for me - Chinese recipes were idiot – proof and it didn’t kill time.

At the age of 17, the authority of the kitchen was under my control and I had almost learnt many recipes by now. However, to become a chef was not a cakewalk. It would be a step – by – step process and since cooking is an art; the main asset an artist has to boast about is – patience.

Yes! A positive mindset is mandatory without a second thought and the most vital part of an artist’s life is to have immense self – confidence. I feel nothing more is required for the activity.

I was ready for the next level, where I had to convert my passion into a profession. Therefore, I enrolled for a degree in Hotel Management and I could not stop myself sharing this with Lochan. On top of this, we did not meet each other for a month or so; the gap was a bit exaggerating.


The ‘LONG WAIT’ for the girl, the common aspect - which every guy encounters during his relationship. Even though my clock was punctual, Lochan always chose to be tardy for the hang – outs. It has been a month seeing her beguiling face and on the other hand, I went berserk, as she didn’t turn up according to the time mentioned. The ‘135 Minutes wait’ finally ended with her presence. She was in her casual jeans, which she normally dislikes and this surprised me to think beyond the curve. I could see the odd vibes surrounding her and sensed something bizarre.

She gave me an orthodox hug. Hi, Aryan. What’s up?

Nothing had changed in a month; I was literally getting bored of her questions popping from her nous.

There is nothing much to blurt out Lochan. I have enrolled for a degree in Hotel Management as you know I have the zeal towards cooking. 

Holy shit, what is wrong with you?

Are you nuts? Cooking can only be a passion. How can you be so stupid thinking to make a career out of it? It is not too late, join engineering with me and we will have a blast together.

Meanwhile, during this conversation, my inner soul was visualizing me dressed up as a chef and serving delicious dishes to the customers and on the other hand, I was in no mood to pay attention to whatever Lochan said.

Thanks for your advice Lochi; I am in no mood to think anything apart from Cooking as it has been my passion right from my pre – teen days.

So, is this your final decision! She blurted out in a squeaked voice.

I gave her a big YES!

After having a limited chat, we both left to our places.


Trrrrnnnnng! My phone buzzed. It was an SMS from Lochan – “Hi Aryan, I have a got a seat in IIT – Chennai. I would be leaving Bangalore tomorrow. So, have a nice life and I would not like to be with a person who is out of his senses. All the best and hope we meet in future and goodbye”.

I was in a strange dilemma for few minutes. I was broken completely. I only had two options in my mind right now, follow her dreams or cook the bread.

I chose the second option. As Mr. Farrah Gray Quoted - 

“Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.” It was absolutely a masterpiece.


After completing my graduation in hotel management, I got a job as an intern in a seven-star hotel. My job was nothing but to make a note of quantity of vegetables used every day.

The first month went on to be a boring task, the work that I did; had nothing to do with my career. So I used to wind up my daily routine within two hours and jump into the kitchen to lend my hand to all those chefs.

Mr. Mukund was an executive chef and he had 6 years of experience in the hotel industry. He was highly impressed with my passion towards cooking and shifted my base to the kitchen. 8 months down, now I was a full-time chef in the snacks division.

A few months later, I got bored of my job and I had planned to start a business of my own.

Hailing from middle – class family, I did not have the guts to lend my father’s hand. I modified our Maruti Omni into a Mobile – food court and started traveling to all the IT – hubs in Bangalore.

The survey on the latest Gen says that – 90% of all the people strive for the fast foods and this was the plus point for me to implement this idea.

On an average basis, I used to spend two hours near every IT – Park, so I could cover the entire city. This process went on for 3 years and I had 6 mobile food courts by now. 

One fine morning, I was serving hot sandwiches to an old man, looking at his attire and color; I came to know he is not an Indian. However, I was happy after seeing him munching those hot buns.

Young Man, Can you please share the recipe with me as well?

I was astonished for a second and asked me why he wanted to know about it?

My name is Walter Mike and I am from Germany. I own a restaurant in Hamburg and I came to India for a vacation.

I was not in a mood to listen to all his shit because I couldn’t waste my time in the peak hours.

He walked away paying the bill and giving me a visiting card of his. I felt he would have liked my sandwich. However, the question, which troubled me, was how he could assess my talent with just having a sandwich.

10 years later…


The Sapphire,

The Hotel,


Hotel Sapphire was one of the famous seven – star hotels in the entire city. They covered all kinds of cuisines.

One fine day, a couple walked into the restaurant and ordered a combo meal for them. The wife was immensely happy with the taste of the hot chicken kebabs and wanted to have a word with the chef who made it.

Excuse me! Can I meet the chef who made these dishes?

Of course, Mam and the bearer left.

Sir, you have a call from one of the customers in the main hall. What’s the matter, John? I asked.

She’s impressed by your dishes and wants to meet you. Well, I will be back in few minutes.


Compliments from the customers are one of the best appreciations you can have in your life. That makes your day.

I could not believe the fact that, the customer was none other than Lochan. She had goose bumps all over her body. I could read her face completely by now and she was numb.

Good Noon Madam,

Did you call me?

Yes, her husband started the conversation and told me that Lochan was highly impressed with the dish and that’s the reason they had called me.

After a while, they were getting late for something and had to leave the hotel. Lochan told her hubby to take the car out and she would join him in few minutes.

What’s wrong with you Aryan? Even in my dreams, I’d never thought I would see you someday in this kind of situation. Why did you ruin your career?

Without any hesitation, I asked – “what did I lose Lochan?”

I am completely satisfied with my job and enjoying my work. What kind of work is it? Did you waste so many years for this? I don’t think you’re on the right track!

All of a sudden, inexplicably, one of the managers interrupted the conversation and said - Mr. Aryan, we are getting delayed for the meeting in the Oberoi.

Two minutes Henry I said and I took a break from Lochan and told I would be back in few minutes.

Hi Madam, are you Ms. Lochan? Henry asked.

Yes. How do you know my name? Everyone knows you here in the entire hotel Madam.

Mr. Aryan is the Founder of this hotel, Every Morning he would share a story of his past to all his staff so he could ignite some amount of inspiration to all the young guns out here.

Before I came, Lochan had left; I guess she did not want to make a fool out of herself.

Both of us were right in our own perceptions, but at the end of the day, she fell for the society’s prey and I simply followed my heart.


© Written by Vishal Aryan Komara.