Tuesday, 28 March 2017

How An Engineer From Bangalore Solved A Water Crisis In His Village In 24 Hours?

Water Crisis is one of the major household problems in the Indian villages. Unfortunately, even the metropolitan cities now end up with such issues. However, the question is who is taking the first step in eradicating such never ending problems? 

There is a man from Bangalore who solved a major water crisis in his village which was burdening the locals from a long period of time.

Meet Vishnuvardhan from Bangalore, a Chatbot Developer who took a bold initiative to eradicate the water crisis from his village - Muddalapuram, Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh.
Armed with a PG degree in Computer Science from NIT Surathkal, Vishnu is an R&D member working in a Start-up at Bangalore. Hailing from a conservative family with traditional values, he always had an urge to create some value to the society.  
March 16th, 2017 - 11 am

Since September 2016, the village - Muddalapuram, Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh was facing a drought and major water crisis. Vishnu’s hometown was no less when it comes to agricultural problems. The local villagers would travel on wheels to the nearby towns to borrow water and this process has been continued from a long period of time.

 When Vishnu questioned the local authorities, they turned deaf to his plea. He was left with two options, leave his village and head back to his work or take up the issue seriously.
After the local authorities were not serious about the water crisis in the village, Mr. Vishnu dropped a mail to the ‘Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation’ after coming to about the issue through his mother and he also added few officials in the list headed back to his work hoping the Government would solve the Water Crisis in his village. 

March 16th, 2017 - 8 pm.

When Vishnu reached Bangalore in the evening, he had to rush to his office for a client meet up. However, things turned out to be lucky, when he received a call from a ‘Chief Scientist’ of the ‘Ministry of Drinking Water & Sanitation Department’.

They took the issue seriously by immediately ordering the AP Government (local authorities) to take action and also sent few officials to investigate the matter.

The investigating officials tried to compensate with the existing water sources. Since the issue was already spread to the central government, they had to replace with a fully functioned bore well which would feed the entire village in the coming years.

Now, Vishnu’s village was not among the crisis-stuck ones.

While it has become a fashion for people to play the blame-game towards the government, politicians etc, here comes an engineer who has chosen to ‘be the change’.

Vishnu is paving a new example for today’s gen. Share this story so this can inspire more people to follow his example.

Written By Vishal Aryan Komara
Digital Marketeer and Content Writer.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

A Common Man's Take On Demonetization and His Opinion On The Opposition's Drama - True Incident.

Today while I was sipping a hot cup of tea in Indiranagar, Bangalore. I just asked a question to the Shopkeeper about his opinion on the Upcoming Bandh which is on Nov 28th and also as a Common man, what's his take on AAP, Cong and few other politicians like Mamata and few more morons.

He simply told..

Translating to English

"These Bastards have looted the country in the past. And now they are just fearing to accept the fact that, they are going to get screwed due to the demonetisation rules.
They haven't bothered about the common man in the past, neither they have the principles to work for the good.

Yes there are few difficulties, however it's not like we are on the verge of begging. When someone is fighting for a good cause. It's better to support".

What surprised me was, a guy who wasn't highly educated had this kind of understanding and knowledge.

The irony is we have educated morons criticizing the good cause.

And yes the same common man gave this statement.
P.S - You can meet him in Indiranagar opposite to Bata Showroom.
- Vishal Aryan Komara.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

True Story On Corruption Explained By Narendra Modi In The Vigilance Awareness Programme. Must Read!

‘People who do corruption are very creative’. Addressing the gathering Modi said, Politicians are considered to be the most corrupted folks in the society. He was against corruption and also said it can’t be present in the system and it’s therefore necessary to be alert all the time. While endorsing his initiative Digital India, he quoted - ‘Technology can play a crucial role in bringing transparency in the system.

A Small Anecdote from his Speech -

Once there was a Government Servant who was known to be highly corrupt and unscrupulous. The government had a tough time to replace him in other divisions fearing he would continue corruption over there too. After an intense meeting, few higher officials from the government came up with an idea of transferring him to the railway station. He was appointed as an officer where his duty was to make announcements regarding the departures and arrivals. Those higher officials assumed this would be the only way they could teach him a lesson. They thought he would mend his ways after this change.

However this guy had devious plans to his credit. In the first week, it went on good as he started making the regular announcements. After few days, the game started to begin. His target was the coolies aka ‘porters’. He started to make announcements like - luggage consisting one bag - Rs.5, luggage consisting two bags Rs.10, luggage consisting three bags Rs.15 and so on.

This plan deeply affected the porters as they couldn’t bear the sudden drop of prices. So the entire Porter union thought of meeting this officer and opposing his rules.

The next day when the officer was ready to start his songs, he could sense his plan working as there was a mighty group of porters waiting outside his cabin. The head of the porter union entered his cabin to blurt out their struggles.

Without wasting his time, the officer said - “Let us negotiate a deal and he signed off”.

Moral - People who are corrupt are very creative. And that’s the reason, Mr. Modi while addressing kept on telling, it's very necessary to be alert all the time to eradicate Corruption.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Learn This Step-by-Step LinkedIn Strategy To Leverage Your Business

The Targeted Audience/Connections

As it sounds, the very first step is to develop the right communication plan with the industry related to your line of business.  A new organization should select an advertising campaign which can target the small businesses in the beginning and look for connections which can match their requirements. For Example – If you are targeting to sell a Product or Software which is related to the associate level, selecting the small scale organizations with an Associate level title would be a good start. Grouping according to that will help you leverage your business.

Customer first

Clients are the best people to tell you what kind of customers fit into the high-quality genre. Searching them on LinkedIn according to their criteria is the best method practiced, so it looks like the client is introducing themselves. However, you do all the work for them. Once the customer starts expressing interest in your service, staying in touch again using LinkedIn is highly important and simultaneously doing the status updates and blog posts keeping the Client’s name in networking is a MUST. Sharing the monthly emails regarding the issues the client has solved for the previous customers and the results previously achieved should also be mentioned. Inviting people to frequent webinars can also create a good impact.

Sponsored Updates – Meet your Audience.

It’s tougher to create a good content and make sure it reaches your audience. It seems like an uphill task. However, LinkedIn Sponsored updates could be the best way to implement for achieving that. Though it’s like Google Adwords, you don’t have to distribute your content through Keywords, Search results. However, distribute it through your LinkedIn Business Account. Moving forward, you can set up your company page, create a business account and start conducting campaigns. And once done, targeting your campaign according to your audience is mandatory. For eg – selecting the followers, non-followers, relevant industries, perfect job titles etc.
Followers will anyway have an access to your account. So, it’s better to start focussing on the non-followers who could also turn out be your audience in future. However, it all depends on the content you create and how you set your goals for the same. Apart from that, creating a valuable content with compelling headlines, introduction and including images/media would be perfect. At the same time, paying attention to what works and what doesn’t are equally important and constant engagement with your audience is a must.

Content with a rich value can be easily reachable. However, we have to set few goals before doing it.
A). Help others how to solve their problem and do their job better
B). Establishing you as a Thought Leader in that space
Each criterion naturally leads to more business.  If you offer them a rich value, you are getting real results in return.

Going Viral

Posting on LinkedIn would be a highly effective way to market your service. It can reach a wider audience based on the categories chosen. It’s indeed a great way to improve your visibility in a way that would not have been possible on your own Website/Blog or even hyperlinking your Article with your URL. Joining groups and staying active is very crucial. Interacting with your group members and if you aren’t connected, using LinkedIn Inmail is a quick option. Having your own LinkedIn groups can add a higher value so that you would be the best person to choose the relevant audience according to your services.

Summary on your Section

The Summary on your LinkedIn Page/Website is the most overlooked segment. Since the characters are limited to around 2000, addressing the issues should be relevant and service oriented. A lot of people would choose your LinkedIn page over the website for connecting with you in person. Meanwhile, this would be the opportunity for you to introduce yourself to clients and customers. Including your contact information at the end of the summary section would be easy for people to reach you fast.

Connections and then Relationship

Before building your connections through networking, understand that LinkedIn is a Professional Social media platform. It’s Professionals connecting with Professionals. For eg- If you start your business, connecting with people related to your line of business is the first step and then once those connections are made, you can decide as how to nurture those connections to grow the relationship.
Image best Practices

  • While using images for your content make sure you post-medium – zoom pictures to attract more audience.
  • If your content demands a few celebrity images according to your relevance, start following it.
  • Cluttering of images is something you should avoid. Posting high-resolution pictures would look impressive.
  • Avoid posting clip art, brand logos and default images.
  • Usage of eye – catching colors to gain user’s attention.
  • Trying to engage with your audience like if you are promoting a video clip, try using terms such as ‘Watch’. This would potentially increase your audience.
  • Test multiple methods and images per URL, to find out what works the best for marketing your content.
  • Your title and the image posted should reflect a relation on your content in such a way that user has to arrive at the post click. So, every click you get is a quality click.
  • Use your titles and images to attract the target audience. For eg – ‘4 great tools for single parents’, ‘Women will love this new beauty product’. This will help you ensure that you are attracting the exact audience whom you are looking for.

It’s not enough to have a great website with a good content anymore. If you are looking for better search engine results for your business, it’s the time to have a look at how social media influences those results.
SEO basically follows two things, using the right keywords and the number of authoritative sites that links back to your content via Backlinks or Inbound links.
Then Social media came and changed everything.
Search engines now also consider the social signals via Facebook likes, +1’s, Retweets and so on to inform their search results.

Here are the few best practices for Social Media SEO
·         Publishing the best Content
·         Social Sharing is now easy
·         Using Profiles and Images to boost your visibility
·         Always hyperlink your page with Google+ which is a part of Google
·         Assessing your Social Media Performance
·         Link Building such as Directory Submission, Deeplink Submission, and Article Submission on Social media channels is a must. Since Social channels have high authority.
·         Try using appropriate keywords in your posts. The Keywords in the Title and the body must reflect each other.
·         Your content should be shareable and Searchable. For eg – in Facebook, you can link your timeline with other search engines. The more you hyperlink on different social channels, the more people might share it.
·         Local listings/ location are a must. Preferably Google+ and other Social Media sites. This allows customers to visit/review your company directly on Google. In turn, Google recommends businesses/services with the highest review first.

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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

These 7 Reasons Can Tell You – Why ‘Google Allo’ Can Be The Next Whatsapp

We live during a time where innovation runs verging on each part of our overbooked plans. Today, the majority of our activities, pastimes and even free thought originates from what we read or see on the web, or which applications stopping up our now restricted 16 GB memory space, can offer us. These give us the most straightforward medium to speak with kindred people, even robots (a valid example Siri and Cortana) and tends to topography, since you can essentially be confronting your sister living abroad investing hours 'hanging out' like you would in your room at home. With all the up and coming mechanical headways and improvements in the field of Artificial Intelligence, our brains are persistent to make more for us, offering us most extreme solace and least exertion.

What's more, that is the place Google's new application 'Google Allo' comes in. It has every one of the oldies in the square sitting at the edge of their seats, since it is new and easy to understand feature will give all of them a run for their bucks.

While Whatsapp commands the universe of Android and iOS informing alike, and has a client base of a populace of a couple of expansive nations consolidated, Allo may very well be en route to take its spotlight. In spite of the fact that Whatsapp, with Facebook Messenger and iMessage hot on its heels offers a plenty of very propelled highlights that is unquestionably making life less demanding for the cell phone client group, Allo improves and presents a cluster of 'keen capacities', where it can basically go about as your own virtual colleague, that will give it its edge.

Despite the fact that Whatsapp followers may stand up against the new application, which is the second part to Google's new informing arrangement with Duo, and remain wildly faithful to the Facebook-gained application, here's an examination between the two conveying light to the likelihood that Google Allo may soon be "besting" (all jokes planned), Whatsapp.

·         The Google Assistant

The motivation behind why this application resemble having your very own right hand is on the grounds that it is one, though virtual obviously. In spite of the fact that Whatsapp has interesting components of sending over an area, document, picture, sound recording etc these are all spared records that are being shared by means of the application, which makes correspondence so much closer. Be that as it may, where Allo varies is that you could ponder about the travel time to a specific spot, or the best accessible flights to a specific goal or rebates on inns and you should simply sort in @google took after your inquiry or request. Before you know it, it will furnish you with every one of the subtle elements, joined by a progression of pictures wherever accessible.

·         In-message seeks

You could make supper arrangements or raving about the hot new tune to individuals on WhatsApp – every time you wish to share and trade data - you need to close WhatsApp (or run it out of sight, in the event that it suits your extravagant) and get to a nourishment/music application to duplicate the concerned connections/records to send in the talk. With Google Allo, you can simply sort @google and get some information about forthcoming eateries or the specific melody amidst the visit and it will give you the connections to both in the talk so it can be seen and imparted to your contact at your tact. So it's sparing the client the inconvenience of briefly shutting the talk to locate the important information, giving it on screen to both.

·         Programmed Responses

The application can give programmed reactions to messages for the benefit of the client. It does this through a product that contains machine-learning innovation, which shows signs of improvement at getting the client's most oftentimes utilized reactions with expanded use of the application. For example in the event that somebody sends you a 'How are you?', the application will offer you the programmed reaction of 'Good, you should' that you can send over. It might appear to be indifferent at first yet it develops with more noteworthy utilize and is certainly advantageous for the individuals who are on the run and are excessively caught up with, making it impossible to sort out a reaction.

·         Picture Recognition

Google has fused 'photograph acknowledgment' in this application, making it feasible for it to perceive a got picture and propose a programmed reaction. For instance, in the event that somebody sends you a photo of dusk, it will propose "lovely" or "goodness" as a reaction, contingent upon your most extreme use of either, from which you can pick the more material one and send it over.

·         Specific end to end encryption

While both Whatsapp and Allo offer end to end encryption for talks, the last considers 'specific end to end encryption', which implies that you can choose the reach you need to visit with in disguise mode, through its 'In secret Chat' alternative. Alongside this, the visit history will vanish after you have completed the discussion, contingent upon the close time frame you have set. On the off chance that you have exchanged off your termination period, the talks won't vanish.

·         Content arranging and more advanced features  

Google Allo permits you to design your content and send crosswise over bigger and littler text dimensions of instant messages, permitting you to increment or lessening the content size by sliding the send secure and down individually, an element that Whatsapp does not permit. It additionally has a more extensive exhibit of sticker-gathering and even permits the client to write on pictures before sending it over.

·         It has the Google brand slogan

Obviously, WhatsApp has been procured by Facebook, however Google Allo is an immaculate Google creation. The aim behind not fusing highlights like direct calling or video calls is to divert clients to other Google applications like Duo and Hangouts. It has the force of the sworn-by 'google seek' both inside and outside a talk box furthermore makes correspondence simpler and considerably more secure for the client.

In spite of the fact that Whatsapp is the current undisputed pioneer of the virtual-visit correspondences stage, there is plausibility that Google Allo will soon lead the pack. What do you think? Tell us in the comments section.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Find Out The 5 Innovative Ways To Make An Income Out Of Your Blog

While there truly is nobody most ideal route, here are five useful tips about dispatching an online Blog and acquiring cash from one that I detracted from the meeting:

  • ·         Blog on a subject you are enthusiastic about. I realize that sounds horrendously self-evident. In any case, numerous speakers stressed the significance of picking a theme you can see yourself expounding on for quite a while, for a considerable length of time to come. Most bloggers post no less than a few times each week and numerous posts each day to consistently fabricate movement. How frequently you'll web journal is dependent upon you.

  • ·         Target undeserved, yet beneficial, specialties. One of the most ideal approaches to emerge from the masses and adapt a website is to expound on something individuals are occupied with, however that other media outlets for the most part disregard.

  • ·         Sharpen your photography and online networking abilities. In the previous couple of years, blogging has turned into an inexorably visual medium. Subsequently, visual social stages like Pinterest, Instagram and Vine are directing people to sites. Accordingly, bloggers need to learn and create solid photography, picture altering and online networking aptitudes.

  • ·         Get associated with different bloggers. In spite of the fact, that blogging can feel segregating, it doesn't need to be. Actually, the quantity of bloggers who obviously knew each other at this occasion amazed me. So approaching to make casual virtual unions with different bloggers with whom you can share content, cross-advance and offer backing. This can demonstrate monetarily advantageous for all included, and is a decent approach to battle the dejection of the home-based blogger.

  • ·         Put resources into exceptional preparing. At the current year's occasion, there were various sessions given to finding out about numerous sorts of online networking locales.  Like any calling and blogging is a calling, it's basic to put resources into expert preparing to keep your aptitudes sharp and present and in addition to find out about the most recent alternatives for adaptation.

Monday, 12 September 2016

This Is How You Rate An Indian Stand Up Comedian


With no introductions as I always like, precise to the subject. Indian Comedians or Stand up Comics as they feel that’s the right way to call them, do nothing but mockery out of Indian subjects, practices, sentiments, religions, culture, history, ethnicity etc

                           However, CREATIVITY is a Strict NO for them.

Yes, you heard it right. Being an avid Stand up Comedy fan, I would always feel ashamed of such Indian Comics who pretend to be creative, but they are dissolved in criticism only.

All they do is mock at subjects and forget to be realistic. Being creative isn’t hard, but harder!
You have to think and try being innovative. Social media has been one of the easiest methods to get you popular. So any Tom, Dick and Harry can turn out be a Comic. Thanks to YouTube.

However, as I blurted before, being a Stand up Comedy Fan, I felt a lot of budding comedians try aiming for the views rather than quality content. Because, we live in a county where trendy gaalis/swear words sell more than realistic stuff.

The recent AIB controversy was the best example, it gained them more popularity than they could ever imagine. Anyway that was their purpose to sell the gig. To make it even more worse, they cover it up by saying – ‘their thoughts are similar to that of George Carlin’ – NO COMMENTS. 

And if there is any reactions on this article, I would say this is my way of representing - 'Freedom of Speech'


By Vishal Aryan Komara