Saturday, 11 April 2015

Parallel Pillars.

A dream woke me up in the midst of a silent night , It was a jaw dropping moment when I found a hot chilli in my brief. Moreover,  swear on God,  it wasn't a peaceful nap.

This power nap was highly mandatory as we had a plan of partying from the beginning of the dawn.

It was a lustrous evening due to the party vibes,  there was only one mirror in the room and girls had a tough time.

Girls - 'It's party time', my friend blurted out at the girls as they were getting late.

This time,  I had met some intriguing personalities in Goa. One of them was Jack More. He was a cool dude,  however it wasn't shocking to find a South African in a party land.

The moment we got our arse on the floor,  we felt alone in the party. There were hardly any freaks in the floor. It was this moment,  where we met Jack .

Jack was from Johannesburg,  but his ancestors were originated from the Indian sub continent.


It was a lame evening and even jack accompanied us for the party.
5 - pegs down and the topic directly knocked the door of passion.

I always wanted to be a

Thursday, 9 April 2015


A Trip to Goa!

Goa is the one she clearly said,
I never imagined,  there would be a lot of smiles ahead.

Sure was I,  to pack my bags, 
Ready for the trip which would be full of gags.

Nearer to the city , I could smell the fish
It was goa and I could do whatever I wish.

Grazing the grass between the whisky session, 
It was more or less like a turbulent lesson.

Found some chicks who were really hot, 
But, Rajalakshmi was the one who topped in the lot.

While, Dancing with the beat made me high, Smoking up the weed broke my thigh.

Met some new people to have the fun, 
Got some enlightenment back in return.

Earned some pals during the wonderful expedition,
After all, eagerly waiting for the next excursion.

All rights reserved.
© Written by Vishal Aryan Komara.