Sunday, 2 October 2016

Learn This Step-by-Step LinkedIn Strategy To Leverage Your Business

The Targeted Audience/Connections

As it sounds, the very first step is to develop the right communication plan with the industry related to your line of business.  A new organization should select an advertising campaign which can target the small businesses in the beginning and look for connections which can match their requirements. For Example – If you are targeting to sell a Product or Software which is related to the associate level, selecting the small scale organizations with an Associate level title would be a good start. Grouping according to that will help you leverage your business.

Customer first

Clients are the best people to tell you what kind of customers fit into the high-quality genre. Searching them on LinkedIn according to their criteria is the best method practiced, so it looks like the client is introducing themselves. However, you do all the work for them. Once the customer starts expressing interest in your service, staying in touch again using LinkedIn is highly important and simultaneously doing the status updates and blog posts keeping the Client’s name in networking is a MUST. Sharing the monthly emails regarding the issues the client has solved for the previous customers and the results previously achieved should also be mentioned. Inviting people to frequent webinars can also create a good impact.

Sponsored Updates – Meet your Audience.

It’s tougher to create a good content and make sure it reaches your audience. It seems like an uphill task. However, LinkedIn Sponsored updates could be the best way to implement for achieving that. Though it’s like Google Adwords, you don’t have to distribute your content through Keywords, Search results. However, distribute it through your LinkedIn Business Account. Moving forward, you can set up your company page, create a business account and start conducting campaigns. And once done, targeting your campaign according to your audience is mandatory. For eg – selecting the followers, non-followers, relevant industries, perfect job titles etc.
Followers will anyway have an access to your account. So, it’s better to start focussing on the non-followers who could also turn out be your audience in future. However, it all depends on the content you create and how you set your goals for the same. Apart from that, creating a valuable content with compelling headlines, introduction and including images/media would be perfect. At the same time, paying attention to what works and what doesn’t are equally important and constant engagement with your audience is a must.

Content with a rich value can be easily reachable. However, we have to set few goals before doing it.
A). Help others how to solve their problem and do their job better
B). Establishing you as a Thought Leader in that space
Each criterion naturally leads to more business.  If you offer them a rich value, you are getting real results in return.

Going Viral

Posting on LinkedIn would be a highly effective way to market your service. It can reach a wider audience based on the categories chosen. It’s indeed a great way to improve your visibility in a way that would not have been possible on your own Website/Blog or even hyperlinking your Article with your URL. Joining groups and staying active is very crucial. Interacting with your group members and if you aren’t connected, using LinkedIn Inmail is a quick option. Having your own LinkedIn groups can add a higher value so that you would be the best person to choose the relevant audience according to your services.

Summary on your Section

The Summary on your LinkedIn Page/Website is the most overlooked segment. Since the characters are limited to around 2000, addressing the issues should be relevant and service oriented. A lot of people would choose your LinkedIn page over the website for connecting with you in person. Meanwhile, this would be the opportunity for you to introduce yourself to clients and customers. Including your contact information at the end of the summary section would be easy for people to reach you fast.

Connections and then Relationship

Before building your connections through networking, understand that LinkedIn is a Professional Social media platform. It’s Professionals connecting with Professionals. For eg- If you start your business, connecting with people related to your line of business is the first step and then once those connections are made, you can decide as how to nurture those connections to grow the relationship.
Image best Practices

  • While using images for your content make sure you post-medium – zoom pictures to attract more audience.
  • If your content demands a few celebrity images according to your relevance, start following it.
  • Cluttering of images is something you should avoid. Posting high-resolution pictures would look impressive.
  • Avoid posting clip art, brand logos and default images.
  • Usage of eye – catching colors to gain user’s attention.
  • Trying to engage with your audience like if you are promoting a video clip, try using terms such as ‘Watch’. This would potentially increase your audience.
  • Test multiple methods and images per URL, to find out what works the best for marketing your content.
  • Your title and the image posted should reflect a relation on your content in such a way that user has to arrive at the post click. So, every click you get is a quality click.
  • Use your titles and images to attract the target audience. For eg – ‘4 great tools for single parents’, ‘Women will love this new beauty product’. This will help you ensure that you are attracting the exact audience whom you are looking for.

It’s not enough to have a great website with a good content anymore. If you are looking for better search engine results for your business, it’s the time to have a look at how social media influences those results.
SEO basically follows two things, using the right keywords and the number of authoritative sites that links back to your content via Backlinks or Inbound links.
Then Social media came and changed everything.
Search engines now also consider the social signals via Facebook likes, +1’s, Retweets and so on to inform their search results.

Here are the few best practices for Social Media SEO
·         Publishing the best Content
·         Social Sharing is now easy
·         Using Profiles and Images to boost your visibility
·         Always hyperlink your page with Google+ which is a part of Google
·         Assessing your Social Media Performance
·         Link Building such as Directory Submission, Deeplink Submission, and Article Submission on Social media channels is a must. Since Social channels have high authority.
·         Try using appropriate keywords in your posts. The Keywords in the Title and the body must reflect each other.
·         Your content should be shareable and Searchable. For eg – in Facebook, you can link your timeline with other search engines. The more you hyperlink on different social channels, the more people might share it.
·         Local listings/ location are a must. Preferably Google+ and other Social Media sites. This allows customers to visit/review your company directly on Google. In turn, Google recommends businesses/services with the highest review first.

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