Thursday, 10 November 2016

True Story On Corruption Explained By Narendra Modi In The Vigilance Awareness Programme. Must Read!

‘People who do corruption are very creative’. Addressing the gathering Modi said, Politicians are considered to be the most corrupted folks in the society. He was against corruption and also said it can’t be present in the system and it’s therefore necessary to be alert all the time. While endorsing his initiative Digital India, he quoted - ‘Technology can play a crucial role in bringing transparency in the system.

A Small Anecdote from his Speech -

Once there was a Government Servant who was known to be highly corrupt and unscrupulous. The government had a tough time to replace him in other divisions fearing he would continue corruption over there too. After an intense meeting, few higher officials from the government came up with an idea of transferring him to the railway station. He was appointed as an officer where his duty was to make announcements regarding the departures and arrivals. Those higher officials assumed this would be the only way they could teach him a lesson. They thought he would mend his ways after this change.

However this guy had devious plans to his credit. In the first week, it went on good as he started making the regular announcements. After few days, the game started to begin. His target was the coolies aka ‘porters’. He started to make announcements like - luggage consisting one bag - Rs.5, luggage consisting two bags Rs.10, luggage consisting three bags Rs.15 and so on.

This plan deeply affected the porters as they couldn’t bear the sudden drop of prices. So the entire Porter union thought of meeting this officer and opposing his rules.

The next day when the officer was ready to start his songs, he could sense his plan working as there was a mighty group of porters waiting outside his cabin. The head of the porter union entered his cabin to blurt out their struggles.

Without wasting his time, the officer said - “Let us negotiate a deal and he signed off”.

Moral - People who are corrupt are very creative. And that’s the reason, Mr. Modi while addressing kept on telling, it's very necessary to be alert all the time to eradicate Corruption.