Friday, 8 September 2017

Not of the people, Not by the people and Not for the people?

© Written By Vishal Aryan Komara
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
#PoliticalSatire - Hope it counts!

The Arrival
Parshav, I have to go the diagnostic center to get the post-check up reports. Reach the airport on time and receive your grandfather. And yes, he is not an ordinary man, he is an Ex-Indian Army Hero. Greet him with a salute and..
Mom, It has been two years since Dad left us and his love for the country has uplifted my existing morals and ethics. So, I’m mature enough to value ‘true superheroes’.
Love you Son, Come back soon.
Sure Ma.
It has been two summers since I met my grandfather. It was an unforgettable one. It was my Dad’s Funeral. A grief stricken situation for sure! I was not just the only son but also the pampered chap. For us, we needed him and for him on the other end, he was lying down proud as he died fighting for his country. Two months before getting martyred, he had promised me to meet me as I was on the verge of establishing my own Content Media Start Up. However, fate served me a coffin with my father’s body and a smile of an Indian soldier’s pride.  
This time I reached the airport on time, but the announcement said the flight would be an hour late. I somehow killed some time watching families bidding adieu and receiving their loved ones.
The flight landed and my grandfather was there waiting for me. He was one of my best friends who could give me some fitness goals. At 75, a chiseled body with a retro look, he could have easily swept off a woman’s feet.
Hi Dada,
Hello, Parshav! Two years of boredom and I’m back to meet you all.
That’s great Dada, Was eagerly waiting to meet you and what’s wrong? Why didn’t you visit us in the past two years?
Oh! That’s a long story. After your dad and my wife left me. Everything seems to be strange now.
But Dada, you look quite young and fit now. You are getting better with age.
Parshav, some situations in life expects us to change in a drastic way and yes, I chose to be more fit now. And also, a peg of red wine is an added advantage.
Oh ya, now I get it. Even dad used to tell me the same.
After all, he is my son, Parshav.
Of Course Dada. Anyway, mom is waiting. Let us go home.
No. I have already dropped her a message saying that we shall be coming home late.
What? No. You need some rest due to the jet lag. Let us go home for lunch Dada.
No. I’m absolutely fine. From the past two years, I could never binge on a biryani and on top of that the cook which your mom sent was a brahmin.
Ya. Mom told me. She did it deliberately because doctors advised you to stay away from meat. Common Dada, you have cholesterol issues. She did the right thing.
Cholesterol and its issues? Now are you coming with me or Shall I drop you at home? I checked out some restaurants in Indiranagar.
But Dada, when did you become tech savvy?
Hmm, after throwing out the cook your mom sent and you better keep this as a secret.
Dada, that was savage. Anyway, since you are with us permanently now, you better control your temptations.
Don’t worry. I have a plan on the weekends. Now tell me, where is the car parked?
The Main Course
Hello Sir, get us two Hyderabadi biryanis? Make it full, Dada interrupted.
Relax Dada. they don’t serve it in halves here.
So Parshav. What have you decided about your next step? What did you decide about the last call we had?
Dada, I quit the 9 to 5 corporate gig and now I’m out to build my own startup.
So, you have decided not to get into your father’s footsteps.
Dada, the last time I met dad,  I was still in the corporate world. But I was just working on somebody’s dreams and I didn’t want to regret it before it’s too late. And you know what Dada? Dad wasn’t happy either back then. Before leaving, he told me to work on the idea I had so we can discuss it later. Even before dad left us, he was constantly in touch with me and kept on advising me. Well, it took me two years to call it quits. I guess he is happy about my decision.
What do you say, Dada?
Hmm. Go ahead. I guess he told me about this once. I thought you were just another infatuated millennial. But I didn’t know you were this passionate to follow your dreams.\
No Dada. I’m quite serious about it. Dad always wanted me to be purpose-oriented. He once told me that fighting the enemies across the border and taking the bullets might look different for others. But he always told me, he was destined to do that. He thought that’s his purpose. He loved fighting for his country.
Parshav, are you explaining about the duties of an Indian Soldier to your Grandfather?
No Dada. I’m talking about the ethics and values you have taught us.
Great Son. So, what is your new venture all about?
Dada, It is a Content Media Startup. To be more precise, an online media channel which shouts ‘worthy content’.
So, you are getting into the media songs and dancing to its tunes?
No Dada, Our motto is to dance to the public’s tunes. Shout, Write and Talk about the Reality.
So, how does it look different when compared to the current trend.
Great Dada, Now we are talking. Let me start by saying this. The society we live in or the current media trends as you said are ‘Not of the people, Not by the people and Not for the people’. They are obsessed for traffic or yes, the so called TRP. Basically, going by the current trend, no media sounds favoring the justice. It is just justifying justice.
The left hating the right and the right hating the left. Politicizing a tragedy and linking to another. Not just that, they also have bonus offers such as seasonal attacks on religious differences.For instance, like the IPL league, we have come up with major league competitions which are based on tradition, culture, religion etc. So no room for publicizing hard work and development! Going by the current media scenario, moral responsibility can never be their cup of tea. Because, they are on a mission to uplift the uplifted, glorify the ignorant intellectuals and pay less attention to the true heroes who represent our country.
If at all there is a tragedy, the solution is not the focus. The main focus is to politicize it and finally, it fades away into the past. So what’s so big in covering intellectual people with a pessimistic purpose. And you know what Dada, the current trend is not to show patriotism by representing your country but blurting out opinions. So what’s the use of opinions when you can’t be the change? What’s the use of having intellectuals with a communal mindset?
Parshav, so the young blood in you has so much to work on?
No Dada, I have already started.
Great Son, Gone are the pre independence days when our politicians were good and now it is just a blame game formula. Currently, for every solution there is a problem arising and Parshav, always remember, till date, whatever India has achieved, it is not because of the politicians or the media. It is US, the citizens of our country and not to forget our freedom fighters and the ‘Real Heroes’ at the border. So, if there has to be a change. There has to be a change. But by representing as a person.
So Dada, Did you like my idea?
Hmm. Let me give you a test first?
What if you come across a manhole which has taken around 100 lives and how would you react to it or how would you cover it as a news? Or let me put it like this - How are you going to showcase your so called ‘Moral Responsibility’?
First, I would shoot a video of the place and start creating a campaign on social media as that’s the best way to voice our opinions as results are faster. Second, I would write to the drainage and sanitation board to clean up the place instead of playing the video hours together. Third, I shall give a complaint to the nearest police station. So when the government is involved and exposed in social media, results have to come out. And Dada, one of my friend tried the same method in his hometown when there was a major water crisis, the result took 48 hours.
Oh. I guess you are through and you know what? It sounds like a utopian formula. But I wish you success and happiness!
Dada, before we wind up this talk, I always wanted you to ask something?
What’s that Parshav?
How could you come to terms with Dad’s death?
Simple! I was happy and Sad at the same time.
I didn’t get it, Dada.
Happy because he gave his life for the country and I was sad because I couldn’t give mine.  
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
#PoliticalSatire - Hope it counts!
© Written By Vishal Aryan Komara