Tuesday, 23 August 2016

The Common Man/Humane Blunder

I strongly consider the Common Man as the main threat to our country over many atrocities occurring now and then.
The common man can never be happy or satisfied at the same time; they always have an issue with everything. It’s their frustration causing the damage. However, they don’t accept it as their ego intervenes.

They want the entire nation to function properly, the government, the politicians, the film stars and sometime they also tend to blame the so – called supreme who again is named different according to one’s specifications. Okay let’s not discuss that at this point.

The irony with these people is - they actually don’t bother to indulge themselves for the development of the country. It’s highly absurd to witness such morons who can highlight their patriotism only on their Facebook’s News feed.

Maturity is when you try to represent your country and make it proud by winning accolades. Not by focusing on the Loopholes and questioning other’s purpose of living.
You’re here for a Purpose, start working on that and try being the change. Stop being a loser by questioning every damn thing.

Great minded people implement. And the rest are meant to be ignored.
- Vishal Aryan Komara

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

#Satire - Housewives

Whoever blurted out saying, ‘House wives are way lucky to be non- productive!’ I would say, take your words back as soon as possible. It’s not going to be the same as you think folks. There are so many tasks involved for a house wife, which a corporate or a working woman would never understand.

House wives sometimes go Desi playing Sherlock or the famous Hercule Poirot for instance regarding the brawls in their neighbour’s homes. They know everything happening at their neighbourhood, be it the reason of the latest argument in your house, your household songs, everything! You name it, they know it.

The schedule of them seems very tardy compared to the employed women. I always wonder why they keep grooming their hair in broad daylight even though, they own a 2 BHK apartment. However, they keep the curiosity alive looking for some latest gossip.

My grandma always used to advise me not to deal with delicate issues when maids are at home. She felt, that would cause a huge damage to the family reputation. Any guesses? Simple, even maids have shifts. And the main hitch comes when you put up in a residential locality. The gossips work faster than before.

It’s been 3 months I’ve shifted my house to a distant area, I can feel the change to an extent.  Or maybe, I have to keep my fingers crossed.

                                                                                                                   -  Vishal Aryan Komara

Sunday, 7 August 2016

The Barking Studio – The Unwanted Therapy

After fighting a tough migraine from past 2 days, an article in the editorial column gave me a high.
A person who had been migrated from the Indian soil to the States; 30 summers ago had some potential content in his perceptions. It was slightly satirical, but the truth was bitter for those who had to accept it.

All his life in the US, he had not come across any such paparazzi aka media spoke – persons showing a valued content about the so – called Indian Government and its political achievements. India is a great country! An intellectual financial minister can transform into a dumb puppet.
# Tragically Satire

An old man seeking justice for his daughter, who was raped brutally by some atrocious thugs comes to the Barking Studio (The Media).

The Editor – in - chief has some certain problems to highlight those atrocities to the Indian society because the slots was already booked for another few months for the opposition government who had nothing to prove rather than blurting out their sincerity towards their greedy chairpersons and according to the media perception, these issues didn’t flicker their TRP grades.
Nevertheless, even the idiotic spoke persons had something hidden in their wallet; they were highly concerned about the unemployment of those thugs who was the reason behind the brutal rape incident.

The old man with no choice knocks the court door, but to his ill-fated destiny, even the court had some genuine constitutional issues. Knowing these people not turning the tables in his favor, he had to consume the pesticides, meant for the mitigation of pests in his farm. The chemical could not save his land though, but confirmed his ticket to the heaven.

 ©     Written by Vishal Aryan Komara

Final Realization

It was a pleasant morning with little bit of sunshine. I had not moved out myself from my home from the past 2 weeks and it was insane to picturise my thoughts.

And I was out for a changeover. It took me several days to come out. May be I was in depression. I always played a rookie figuring out depression. It just had to knock my door. That's all I know.
I had no plans to begin with, I just rode my car wearing the same old pajama, relished some chats over a mug of chilled beer. Yes! 'I am depressed you Question mark!'.

After finishing my 1st, Sorry - 2nd beer, I gave a thought on the reason behind my depression. I questioned myself, Having a job where you recruit white collars. Why the f**k are you depressed?
Then my inner voice had to blurt out -
Do what you like or like what you do.

However, there was just a small change to end my doubts.

Written by - Vishal Aryan Komara 

One night @ Coorg.

It's 11.45pm . The German Sheperd had a squeaky voice. I guess it was hungry. Common, Summer guys.

I was browsing those wonderful writings by Hemmingway, where as my siblings enjoyed snoring to the fullest.All of a sudden, the door bell rang and I had no interest to play Sherlock.
My mom opened the door and it wasn't a moment which it ought to be. A perfect surprise at the witchy time.

It was the old caretaker of our estate who went missing for years. I don't remember the date, I guess 2 summer's ago.

However, I was confused for why he was being here at this time. Because, there were no clues about his whereabouts since 2 years.
The only question which irked me was - why is he back?

I guess that's his purpose in his life.

- Vishal Aryan Komara.

Blame Game Disorder

Yes. You heard it right. I mentioned Satire. I mean I don't like the thought of me being prisoned for the so called 'Freedom of Speech'.
However being satirical can be justifying sometimes, to an extent.
Being precise to the point as I always like, the serious disorder, the common human beings prone to nowadays are 'Blame Game Disorder'.

Blame the superstars, Blame the politicians, Blame the government, Blame the Country, Blame the Supreme for not taking care of people, for not being polite, for not being generous, for not being human. However, we tend to forget the actual you.
I would like to relate a recent example - The Drought in Maharashtra.
Why blame the actors, the government, the politicians.

Why don't you make the first move. The supreme has invested so much of time to create you. So, there has to be a little bit of productivity dammit.
Write, talk, share, donate and finally shut the f**k up.
The world needs doers not just people blurting out shit for publicity.

Be the change.
# Implementation always should be first.

© - Vishal Aryan Komara 

Control Your Criticism

I seldom come across broad minded people nowadays.Yes. I'm pointing out that person who blurts out as a critic for every damn thing. Watch a movie, you have a problem with the actor. Read the news paper, goes mad about journalism. Works rarely but have a problem with your talented colleague.

The main issue here with these wizards are they don't see the brighter side of life. Once they start thinking about the latter, it's too late justify your right. The moment you realize your screwed.
However, still your ego has something to say.

© - Vishal Aryan Komara

Action and Reaction.

Every action has an equal reaction. Newton forgot the supreme's implementation on the same. You do a bad thing. You pay for it immediately. Like a cash on delivery option. However, expecting a result after a good action can never be possible. It takes time. Probably to an extent, approximately years.
You know why, because there's no answer. There's just a justifying thought of being faithful and patient.

Compensation of your good deeds would make its presence after your reincarnation can be the only answer which the supreme can blurt out with a sincere justification.

© - Vishal Aryan Komara 

Poor Art.

The art gallery was full. Artists everywhere and me in some corner with a drunken attitude.
It was a gruesome session for the kid to be in a desert kind of atmosphere which had a scorching sun to boast of. A pond which consisted all the chemicals had thirsted the lad to water the same.
I was sure, the artist was drunk while painting the same. If not, the artwork wouldn't have fetched him millions of dollars.

- Vishal Aryan Komara 

Manipulative Marketing

It's simple, people need features. Not Quality with a Longevity option. That's one bloody reason Nokia failed to be the top master in the crowd. They tried playing honest. They were a package initially and least bothered about the featuristic add - ons. You come across tons of ads popping out nowadays focusing more on the features - One with the front camera, one with the battery usage, one with the high end gaming option etc

Finally, it's the manipulative marketing which wins the show.
Play Smart

- Vishal Aryan Komara 

Fictional Satire

I had always adored Shahrukh Khan as a good actor /Human. Yeah, he's got too many haters in his own country. I cared a shit about it. The one which mattered me was his hardwork which lead him to rags to riches. Yes you heard it right. Just imagine yourself sleeping on the pavement with 20 bucks in your pocket for your conveyance. And finally a Global Star.

Now precise to the point, when I was attending a training session with my boss in my last organization, he swiftly drove the topic towards success. However, my boss was an hardcore Salman Khan Fanatic. He tried plagiarising his idol for no reason. I swear I didn't know why? while talking and discussing success, he was questioning us for a while to get our opinions. One of my colleague quoted, Success is a lazy cow doesn't teach you much.

Boss - OK. That's good. You gotta dream big. Real big. And then he blurted out
Success is Mr Kalam, Success is Tendulkar, Success is Shahrukh.

Then I realised, Truth comes out. It's an instant effect you know.

- Vishal Aryan Komara

The New Trend

  • Lack Originality
  • Zero Content
  • Talk about Legends when you can't try being them
  • Abuse People
  • Assuming you're right
  • Instant Publicity
  • Have a Crisis
  • Shout 'Freedom of Speech'

And and the same story again.

- Vishal 

Observation is a MUST for an Artist

The hall was empty. It looked like more of a deserted place. Maybe, sort of a Graveyard atmosphere. Quiet and Peaceful. It was just me present there with the yet-to-find-out-the-meaning paintings hanging on the wall. Well, it was a tough task assessing those artworks. However, observation arguably could be the best tools an artist or a writer like me could boast of. It was a weekday, not many folks made their presence. 

The Observer is the Observed

Quoted by Jiddu Krishnamurthy, I had a similar experience dealing with those Artworks by Sir Hebbar.

For a Non-Painter like me, understanding the creator's point would be tardy. However, Observation has always been with me till date. It has taken the responsibility to deal with my gray matter. Fair enough. It's done well.

I just focused on few of his interesting artworks. Out of which, portraits such as his own face, maybe an oil painting, A picturesque way of showcasing the universe and finally the important part - a dead man carried away on a stretcher with few of his relatives throwing a look.

As I said, the hall was empty. I had no interference. I was astonished seeing his works, mainly the 1st part - his portrait and the last one. Maybe I could relate it. The man in both the works boasted of same features.

I assumed that he painted his own life or there might have been some connection. Probably he knew the fact that he would die soon. So he could have done the same.

To be continued.

© - Written by Vishal Aryan Komara 

Humanity is also a Religion

Imagine if there was just one religion. One set of people. One Country. No differences. We would all be fine. Isn't it? However, The Supreme had the same plan in his loaf too. It's the Human who chose the blunders. They started categorizing religion, people, caste, lands. Too much and too costly. Yes. It's indeed a hefty price to follow on. And if this wasn't enough to fill their plans, then came the superstions and the terms and conditions to follow. Basically it's just a trap. A Human Trap. The Supreme had no name to boast of, it was again a re-creation. 
God creates Human and Human creates categories. And the rest are the best bullshit stories ever told.

- Vishal 

Written by my Father

You have always been my inspiration for Writing. For me, your the Hemingway who taught me to write short, your the Ayn Rand who taught me to be philosophical. I guess I can only gift you myself as a Writer.

One of his anecdotes which I could gaze a 'n' no of times -


The darkest hour is before dawn. I wished I knew that when I spent dark nights huddled shoulder to shoulder like cattle in a haystack, with street urchins, goons, vagabonds and whatnot. I, that is, from a highly respectable family from God’s own country, Kerala, in the financial capital of India, Mumbai, knowing not where the next meal would come from.

Success is a double-edged sword. I wished I knew that – when I all of 16 years, earned Rs 35K, more than what a top bank executive took home after 30 years of working the books.

Playing the blame game is the favorite pastime of every one’s childhood. I wished I knew that. Correction: I wished I knew the consequences of playing that game.

I wished I knew that…. That perhaps could make the best title for this book about Me. Or is it about We? The line between Me and We is thin. What happened to me, happens more often than not to all of us. We are like that only. Perhaps. Or maybe not. I don’t know. I am not sure. I wished I knew….
Where do I begin my tryst with life? With my childhood days? But I had none. I leapfrogged to adulthood, straight from school. Family caretaker: That was my designated situation when I graduated from wearing knickers to pants. Sounds interesting, but I would have preferred to be anything but interesting! I wanted to play cricket, chase the birds, get drenched, fly paper planes, and throw missiles into the pond.

My adult life then? I again leapfrogged. I was an early success, and an early failure. One day I was flying in the clouds, and the day after, I was in deep shit.

The roller coaster ride did not end there. I dabbled in business, lost and won. For once, failure came first, and success later. So I had seen both ends of life’s learning curve.
I wonder sometimes, am I destiny’s favorite plaything? At a ridiculously young 17 years of age, I had the world at my feet. Fast forward a little, and the role got reversed. I was down in the dumps. I blew it all. I messed up. I could have been the chosen few, but hubris, or whatever, hurled me to the doldrums.

Maybe it’s good to start at the end. A wiser, richer, quieter, and humbler Joe, a man of the world, successful, bright, smart and ….not at all sorry about the blotting out of his childhood. I have had my fifteen minutes of fame, but equally and probably more important, I have had my fifteen minutes of infamy. All the best things in life can evaporate in fifteen minutes of insanity. You never get to know of it, until you know. I wished I knew that….

Written by K S Muralidharan

© All Rights Reserved.