Saturday, 10 January 2015

Mr. Rasamalai was at Coorg!

The Philosophical Trip to Coorg

This time, the decision had finalized. I just packed my bag and I was off my butt from the broken chair to Coorg. I normally visit this place for the weddings, because the atmosphere there would make you come out from the Orthodox – Zone.

However, this trip was for my research about the reasons of the common blows happening everyday in the so-called middle class families.

Mr. Rasamalai Subramanyam was one such of a character who could describe my point of view according to my perception. I found this specimen smoking marijuana near some isolated farmhouse in the outskirts of Coorg.

I swear to god, there was nothing fascinating nearby. Without a second thought, the curiosity made me pounce from my seat to go have a word with him.
Mr. Rasamalai has the habit of chewing his gutkha after a dose of hash believing it would give him some positive vibes.
He was a philosophical snob. It was then I realized the value of travelling and meeting new breeds. Mr.R hails from Chennai, however settled his butt near the outskirts of Coorg.
Dressed up in a white dhoti and blue khadi shirt with a thick moustache, he was more or less an Orthodox - Tamilian look – alike.


Mr.R was a 6th grade dropout, but learnt lessons throughout his life. He had observed people, their interactions, cultures, habits and finally the so – called Politics. I am normally a person with wide ears and broad eyes. I felt both of us are sailing in the same boat with a broken oar. To make it more precise, we had similar ideologies with questions popping on many topics.

However, the topic here was about the common disputes in the orthodox families of the Middle – Class.

I thought he could be the best species to aid me in my research.

#1 –The Food Quotient

Wife prepares idlies like rose petals. Meanwhile, husband is very busy watching the news hour in the night. With great affection, she hands over the plate to her hubby.

 Husband finds a long grey hair in the hot sambar, which makes him go wild and throws a punch on her face.

#2 –The unexpected at the wrong time

After a hectic week of studying the parabolas, the alcohols, the electromagnetic fields, Mr. Average wants to have a break from his college and comes home with an enthusiastic face to enjoy the weekend.
However, the next morning, his aunt abruptly makes a call and tells her son has topped his exams with 98%.
The planned weekend goes for a toss as the atmosphere in the family starts heating up and the voices of comparisons increases.

#3 – I am always right. OK! – The EGO CLASH

“Son, - Do not give me this idiotic shit. I might be wrong at any cost, but pay some respect some to your Father”.  
EGO is a feeling where it puts you in a cornered situation and sometimes you will have to accept the fact that 2*2=5.
#4 – The Whisky Effect

A Workaholic husband comes home after enjoying a six – pegs whisky session with his friends. Lo and behold, he finds his wife with a sick face and the next morning the Broomstick Session begins.

After concluding the research, I immediately blurted out a question.

Mr. Rasamalai, Why do you smoke Hash?

I am a Nature Lover – he replied.

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