Friday, 7 February 2014

The Honest Skivvy.

Do they EXIST?

It was exam time and after watching Mr. Rahul Gandhi's Interview I was in no mood to play fiction. All of a sudden I heard the squeaking voice of my maid. She was working in my tenant's place and she couldn't communicate with them as they were Bengalis.

It was 1st week of the month and she was expecting her salary. I was wondering why was she calling me because the tenant had come out with a folded 1000/- bill and was brushing his yellow teeth. Time was running out as well as my Patience. I've got few precious hours left in my pocket. So, I asked, what she wanted?

She didn't want the entire fee.
The tenant was staring at me with a confused face, scratching his hairs. I grew more impatient and started firing my servant for not being specific.
She just wanted 800/- as she didn't make a visit for a few days in the last week. I was taken aback by seeing a woman of this perspective. My tenant was puzzled by her honest nature and was happy for his 200/- too.

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