Sunday, 6 April 2014

The Immortal Soul.

                            He Came. 
  He Saw.
  He Conquered.

It was a fine Sunny Morning. But I wasn't in a mood to think beyond anything but Sunny. I was peregrinating to my aunt’s house with a sluggish mood carrying on my shoulders due to the sultry weather.

Suddenly, inexplicably, like a bolt from the blue, there was an unexpected call from a friend of mine. I could sense a bit of anxiety in his voice. He was stuttering. Finally, He blurted out the most tragic words saying –“Our Best Friend ‘Santosh Reddy’ is no more”. I had never imagined myself in this kind of situation. It was a traumatic moment. I was dismayed by the Supreme’s Decision towards my Best Pal – Santosh. I was in a state of Stupefaction.
Never bothering about the current state, we started driving back to his house.
My mind was full of Sorrowful thoughts about ‘Santhu’- Our Friend, who’s not with us anymore. Even though thinking about it was unimaginable.              

Death?  A Painful Feeling.
I don’t know that it can make a guy who’s just 23 years old to face it even before fulfilling his Dreams. He was our Friend, Our Dearest Friend and we knew him, we knew his feelings, his thoughts, but we couldn't imagine there was so called ‘Death’ that would take a ‘Gem of a Person’ like him away from us.

He was a very Mature and Intellectual guy in our gang. A ‘Brain box’ to this extent.
Not everyone in this world is born Gifted. But Santhu was one Priceless Diamond and one among them. He had that satirical approach towards people. He was full of fun.

“A sense of Humor…is needed Armor. Joy in one’s Heart and some laughter on one’s lips is a sign that the person down deep has pretty good grasp of Life”. – Like Mr. Hugh Sidey has said.

Santhu had that note of Irony in his Voice. Personally, I haven’t seen him feeling tensed so much for any aspects in his life for all these years.
Known for his Cool-headed Attitude, he was a Phlegmatic and an even-tempered guy. His “Light theesko Mama” dialogue still makes a lot of sense and can’t be forgotten that easily. All in all, he was a --   ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ sort of a guy.

We reached his place and saw the worst thing which was never imagined by us even in our dreams to see him lying dead. Though he had a clean bill of health, the Supreme had to take him away in a form of a ‘Septic Shock’. Even though he left us at a very young age, His smiling face could define a ‘Sense of Achievement’.

Bloody, Godforsaken Fate! I cursed. But IT”S WRITTEN.
May God bestow some Mercy and give lots of Strength to their Family and bless them with lots of Prosperity.


Written By Vishal Aryan Komara.
© All Rights Reserved.

From Your Best Friends of Vemana Institute of Technology.