Saturday, 19 April 2014

Dear Bollywood: Fake secularism can’t feed 100 crore Indian poor.

Narendra Modi is a superman. He just refuses to wear a skullcap and bang! You didn't hear the noise? Maybe, it’s like a tree that falls on the ground in a forest where there’s absolutely no one with an ear. Otherwise, you would have heard that: Secularism is in danger! RSS will finish off all the Muslims! India will wage a nuclear attack on Pakistan! There will be World War III!
This is even worse than the worst script that Bollywood could ever dream of coming up with. So, Bollywood decided to get into the act straightaway. Some of the finest directors – and as is revealed now, sadly also having the filthiest anti-Hindu mindset – and a few others ganged up on Narendra Modi, hiding as usual under the burqa of secularism.
Mentored by Mahesh Bhatt, the known protagonist and led by Anant Patwardhan, a closet ideologue, they came on TV to cry on the shoulders of Arnab Goswami first and later his TV cousin, Rajdeep Sardesai.
What a climb-down from the time when Dev Anand bravely lent his voice against the Emergency for the sake of protecting nation’s democracy. Today, these Rupees 100-Crore club celebs are lending their voice for the sake of the exact opposite, viz. destroying the country’s democracy!
Just like we the ordinary people of India have the right to like or do not like their films, we have every right to choose whom we vote, independent of their like or dislike. Tomorrow, if we don’t like Imtiaz Ali’s film and it bombs at the box office, can he blame us saying his movie was not appreciated because viewers happen to be communal?
If this is far-fetched, how much more far-fetched and absurd is Anant Patwardhan in blaming the Hindus along with the Muslims for partition? And he has the gall to claim that his interpretation reflects a sense of history.
Even an idiot who has read Indian History knows that partition was born out of Jinnah’s demand for a separate State for the Muslims on the rationale that the Muslims and the Hindus cannot live together in free India, period! Surely, Patwardhan must have got his sense of history from Pakistan’s history books.
The anti-Modi Bollywood brigade’s red rag(e) is not unexpectedly 2002 post-Godhra riots – with a caveat hidden: Their hearts bleed, not for the kar sevaks burnt in Godhra, but only for the Muslims who died in the aftermath. Of course, they will not say it in the open. But the truth is rarely what is said. You have to figure it out and it is a no-brainer as to what they have in their filthy minds. Filthy mind is not a mindless accusation – they are blissfully ignorant of all other riots under Congress regime since India became free. So who are they fooling?
The irony is that Bollywood today stands divided in open because of the very secularism it sought to project!
This may not be politically correct to say (so are they for sure!), but the moment when people know that Patwardhan or Vishal Bharadwaj or Imtiaz Ali are anti-Hindu, will it not affect the success of their films?
Answer: It should! Only when these dubious fake secularists descend down from Rupees 100-Crore club to minus Rupees 100-Crore club, will they come to their senses!
All self-respecting Hindus and all right-thinking Indians should say no to watching a film – even if it is great – from these amorous, anti-national betrayers. They claim grandly that secularism is non-negotiable. As we pay for the movie tickets, we should respond likewise, saying that for us, nationalism is also non-negotiable.
Let the RSS which is now their official whipping boy spread the message to all Indians to boycott their films. And they can’t whine either.
You boycott Modi on a principle you hold dear. You use the clout of a celebrity and so issue an appeal to the people in the mainstream media and TV, and even get them to back you, give you visibility, exposure, momentum and support. We boycott you on a principle we hold dear.
We use the clout of an ordinary citizen and show our protest by not watching your movies, and get other people like us to give your movies less visibility, less exposure, less momentum, and zero support. Tension nahi lene ka!
Of course, this will only force the Patwardhans to remind everyone of George Barnard Shaw’s saying, “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel”. So, let me remind them of a wittier statement from Atal Bihari Vajpayee. In the 90s, Ram Vilas Paswan, then a bitter critic of the BJP, remarked in the Parliament that the BJP was misusing the name of Lord Ram while Ram is in his very name. Vajpayee quickly got up and retorted, “Haram mein bhi Ram ka naam hai!”
Incidentally, all these anti-Hindu fellows in Bollywood have already suffered a small loss in their balance sheet. I am a diehard Bollywood fan and have probably watched almost all films by these people – and enjoyed many of them – till now. But not anymore! And nor will those people who agree with me. I am no Arnab Goswami or Arvind Kejriwal, but the point is, people like me are happy being scoundrels who love their country more than anything.
Written by K S Muralidharan.
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