Monday, 19 March 2018

A humorous take on India and Bangladesh Final - What Actually Happened

34 Needed in 12 balls 

Dinesh Karthik walks into the crease

He loosens the gloves and again tightens it

He is anxious
He is petrified 
Hundreds of thoughts in head 
All this in a span of few minutes 

All of a sudden, he’s been possessed with a spirit 

That too in a middle of a match

Well, he can’t stop a match as it is a final.

So, he gets ready though he is possessed.

But, all of a sudden, he realizes the spirit is a good one. It is highly calm and composed. Definitely not the one which is found in the Bollywood horror genre

So, he faces the ball and to the crowd surprise, he hammers a six!

Woah! The spirit’s charm is working, thought Dinesh Karthik and gets ready for the next ball. 

He hits a four again to the fence and this time, he’s clueless 

So do the newbie Shekhar at the non-striker end 

Boom! Dinesh again smashes a six for the third ball and the nail-biting session continues till the last over 

Last over begins 

India loses another wicket and thanks to the possessed spirit, Dinesh Karthik is on strike. There is one ball to spare and six to grab the winning cup 

Dinesh surprisingly is super calm and cool. Looks like he’s playing a gully match in the ghettos of Dharavi 

But no? It is a final. You smash a six, you go home with a win. You lose. you go home with nothing.

So, Dinesh Karthik has still no clue. Thanks to the spirit, he lofts the winning six in style to save India 

Indian players run towards Dinesh and he still has no clue. Just before the players come closer, the spirit wearing a jersey number 7 leaves him and guess what? He still has no clue. 

People are hailing him as the next big thing in cricket and the players are piling on him and still, he has no clue. That’s when it struck him, there is always a lightning spirit behind the stumps and luckily it hit him today!

This is a work of satirical fiction. No offence folks!

- Vishal Aryan Komara