Monday, 23 March 2015



Stress is something you can relate with your ex – girlfriend, the more you think about it, the more you get sophisticated. It is a never-ending process, unless you stop thinking about it.  However, it is quite monotonous to complete the task, knowing it would be a tardy process. Stress plays a standard role in every human’s life and the common criteria called – insecurity is the one big culprit, which leads to all this shit.
Moreover, being a HR Recruiter it has been ages I visited a rehab to kill my stress down, but my inner soul was not happy about my decision. However, there was a fortnight left for the financial year-end and I had no other choice left out in my pocket, so I ended up landing in a rehab cell.
The rehabilitation centre had conducted a crash course session for a week. I was glad that it would not kill my time.


First day session at a rehab was just some meditation programs. Though it was not an easy task to do, I was away from my insomniac sessions after a very long time.  I found another section in the same place, which is for the kids who fall into the prey of the early health disorders.
It was this time; I met Ananya, a 9 – year old kid, who was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. The fate played an antagonist in her life. I was wondering; how could a girl who is just in her childhood can face a challenge like this?
I could not control myself even for a moment. Without a second thought, I walked towards her and wanted to have a small conversation.

Hi Ananya, this is Vishal.
Hello Sir.  
You know why you are here.
Of course.  My parents could not bear me for long, so they threw me in this rehab. Moreover, thinking from their perspective, they were right. How could they manage a child who does not even remember their parents? (The girl laughs).
I was shocked for a moment. I had nothing to speak. It was a numb feeling with goose bumps all over my body.
So you do not feel like seeing your parents.
Yes I do. However, even if they visit me, I should at least be in a situation to remember them, which is again beyond the bounds of possibility.
Do you feel lonely sometimes? On the other hand, do you feel depressed?
Depressed for what? You guys should feel lonely on the other hand, not me. Having everything in life, you guys come here for getting treated for illogical reasons. I don’t get that. And by the way, why should I feel lonely, I should actually thank the supreme who’s given me this fantastic life. I’m one among those trillion people out there who’s born gifted. No egos, No envy. I have all the freedom to live life king size.
I had another 5 days left out in my calendar for the rehab’s crash course session. However, now I don’t think it’s worthy enough. The 9 – year old girl had a maturity of a 90 – year old woman. She had seen nothing, but had carried the optimistic loaf all her life.
Knowing that, I do not deserve a moment with a girl of this great stature, I just gave her a final bow and walked away to my home carrying a heavy message.

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© Written By Vishal Aryan Komara.