Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The Unexpected!


Last night was highly peaceful; wife was off to her native and no more snoring for the next two days. The 14-year-old whisky had a fresh taste and after the five – peg session, the painting on the wall made a lot of sense. There was this woman carrying a bucket of water-to-water the almost dead plant in the sultry desert.  
The deadline for the next project was a week ahead and I was a mile away from capturing those exotic birds in the early dawn. However, knowing my boss would fire me for the delay, I had already cracked an interview in some other ad – agency to be in the safe corner.

…. 5:15 am
The lake was just a furlong away from my lane and I was used to those early – morning walks with smokes. However, carrying those tripod and huge lens was a burden every dawn.
Shooting those rare species in the bone chilling weather was something highly challenging and at the same time, even patience mattered more. However, when you are dissolved in your passion, pain is a hardly a cake –walk.

…. 5:23 am
     Through the lens,

I seldom see old – aged people having morning walks in this kind of parks especially in these frigid winters.
However, this black coat dressed oldie was one among them. But that did not astonish me in any way possible. I pitied because he was born blind. He was dressed up in his black Raymond suit; I was wondering how an old man who is in his 80’s could can dress up in this attire that too for a morning walk.
He was lean and built up tall. My inner soul shouted curiosity and being a blind man, why should he strain himself at this age and that too in this cold weather. However, it was none of my business and I had to turn my landscape mode on, as it was getting late for the photo session.
When you are dissolved in your passion of doing something, the scenario would say – “Rome was built in a day”, the time flies. Because, every moment is a question mark.
….6:02 am
The Oblivion
I had to wind up today’s session as it was getting late to my office, I had to reach my client’s place by 7.30 and give the sample photographs.
On the way back home, when I was about to start my bike, I found this blind oldie again. However, this time, he had been accompanied with another stranger who helped him to cross the park to enter the other side of the lake. I thought of taking a picture of this and slowly the scene made me to shoot a video.
All of a sudden, I witnessed a jaw dropping moment in the very first time of my life. The blind man took out a thin blade from his white cane and stabbed multiple numbers of times in the stranger’s stomach; it was a traumatized moment. I did not know what to do, how to react. I simply started my vehicle, and went back home.
                                                                                                        …TO BE CONTINUED.

© Written by Vishal Aryan Komara