Saturday, 21 March 2015

The True Warmth!

The True Warmth – The Poem

When I saw her for the very first time,
Love at first sight was not at all a crime.

It took some days to get to know,
Then, it was Love, which started to flow.

She said, this is not the time for the sparks to fly,
Adamant was I, for which my heart couldn't deny.

Silence played at the sorrowful situation,
Exams intervened during the invalid condition.

The journey repeated again,
However, my efforts went all in vain.

Slow and steadily, the flower started to blossom,
In addition, I was glad that, the time has finally come.

Days passed without my knowledge,
And the flower had something to acknowledge.

Doubts she had, on my love,
Assuming that, I would leave her for now.

Infatuation was not my pal,
Being true to her was my final call.

No matter how much she bloat,
I am confident that my love shall float.

Confused was she, to choose upon two things,
Career and love, were the indecisive rings.

She wanted some time to think about the future,
Worried was I, thinking that my love would rupture.

The unfortunate day knocked my door,
She left me alone in the floor.

Years passed, she came back soon,
A question, popping from her phone.

Committed was she, this time,
Is being physical with a flower a crime?

I told her, that is a part of love’s journey,
However, I did not go behind for that luxury.

I know, it is difficult to understand the essence of my LOVE,
I promise that, you will never experience this kind of LOVE.

Assuming, you would reach me one day,
After all this is what I can expect in my life every day.

© All rights Reserved.

Written By Vishal Aryan Komara.