Sunday, 7 August 2016

The Barking Studio – The Unwanted Therapy

After fighting a tough migraine from past 2 days, an article in the editorial column gave me a high.
A person who had been migrated from the Indian soil to the States; 30 summers ago had some potential content in his perceptions. It was slightly satirical, but the truth was bitter for those who had to accept it.

All his life in the US, he had not come across any such paparazzi aka media spoke – persons showing a valued content about the so – called Indian Government and its political achievements. India is a great country! An intellectual financial minister can transform into a dumb puppet.
# Tragically Satire

An old man seeking justice for his daughter, who was raped brutally by some atrocious thugs comes to the Barking Studio (The Media).

The Editor – in - chief has some certain problems to highlight those atrocities to the Indian society because the slots was already booked for another few months for the opposition government who had nothing to prove rather than blurting out their sincerity towards their greedy chairpersons and according to the media perception, these issues didn’t flicker their TRP grades.
Nevertheless, even the idiotic spoke persons had something hidden in their wallet; they were highly concerned about the unemployment of those thugs who was the reason behind the brutal rape incident.

The old man with no choice knocks the court door, but to his ill-fated destiny, even the court had some genuine constitutional issues. Knowing these people not turning the tables in his favor, he had to consume the pesticides, meant for the mitigation of pests in his farm. The chemical could not save his land though, but confirmed his ticket to the heaven.

 ©     Written by Vishal Aryan Komara