Sunday, 7 August 2016

Observation is a MUST for an Artist

The hall was empty. It looked like more of a deserted place. Maybe, sort of a Graveyard atmosphere. Quiet and Peaceful. It was just me present there with the yet-to-find-out-the-meaning paintings hanging on the wall. Well, it was a tough task assessing those artworks. However, observation arguably could be the best tools an artist or a writer like me could boast of. It was a weekday, not many folks made their presence. 

The Observer is the Observed

Quoted by Jiddu Krishnamurthy, I had a similar experience dealing with those Artworks by Sir Hebbar.

For a Non-Painter like me, understanding the creator's point would be tardy. However, Observation has always been with me till date. It has taken the responsibility to deal with my gray matter. Fair enough. It's done well.

I just focused on few of his interesting artworks. Out of which, portraits such as his own face, maybe an oil painting, A picturesque way of showcasing the universe and finally the important part - a dead man carried away on a stretcher with few of his relatives throwing a look.

As I said, the hall was empty. I had no interference. I was astonished seeing his works, mainly the 1st part - his portrait and the last one. Maybe I could relate it. The man in both the works boasted of same features.

I assumed that he painted his own life or there might have been some connection. Probably he knew the fact that he would die soon. So he could have done the same.

To be continued.

© - Written by Vishal Aryan Komara