Sunday, 7 August 2016

Final Realization

It was a pleasant morning with little bit of sunshine. I had not moved out myself from my home from the past 2 weeks and it was insane to picturise my thoughts.

And I was out for a changeover. It took me several days to come out. May be I was in depression. I always played a rookie figuring out depression. It just had to knock my door. That's all I know.
I had no plans to begin with, I just rode my car wearing the same old pajama, relished some chats over a mug of chilled beer. Yes! 'I am depressed you Question mark!'.

After finishing my 1st, Sorry - 2nd beer, I gave a thought on the reason behind my depression. I questioned myself, Having a job where you recruit white collars. Why the f**k are you depressed?
Then my inner voice had to blurt out -
Do what you like or like what you do.

However, there was just a small change to end my doubts.

Written by - Vishal Aryan Komara