Tuesday, 23 August 2016

The Common Man/Humane Blunder

I strongly consider the Common Man as the main threat to our country over many atrocities occurring now and then.
The common man can never be happy or satisfied at the same time; they always have an issue with everything. It’s their frustration causing the damage. However, they don’t accept it as their ego intervenes.

They want the entire nation to function properly, the government, the politicians, the film stars and sometime they also tend to blame the so – called supreme who again is named different according to one’s specifications. Okay let’s not discuss that at this point.

The irony with these people is - they actually don’t bother to indulge themselves for the development of the country. It’s highly absurd to witness such morons who can highlight their patriotism only on their Facebook’s News feed.

Maturity is when you try to represent your country and make it proud by winning accolades. Not by focusing on the Loopholes and questioning other’s purpose of living.
You’re here for a Purpose, start working on that and try being the change. Stop being a loser by questioning every damn thing.

Great minded people implement. And the rest are meant to be ignored.
- Vishal Aryan Komara