Sunday, 7 August 2016

Fictional Satire

I had always adored Shahrukh Khan as a good actor /Human. Yeah, he's got too many haters in his own country. I cared a shit about it. The one which mattered me was his hardwork which lead him to rags to riches. Yes you heard it right. Just imagine yourself sleeping on the pavement with 20 bucks in your pocket for your conveyance. And finally a Global Star.

Now precise to the point, when I was attending a training session with my boss in my last organization, he swiftly drove the topic towards success. However, my boss was an hardcore Salman Khan Fanatic. He tried plagiarising his idol for no reason. I swear I didn't know why? while talking and discussing success, he was questioning us for a while to get our opinions. One of my colleague quoted, Success is a lazy cow doesn't teach you much.

Boss - OK. That's good. You gotta dream big. Real big. And then he blurted out
Success is Mr Kalam, Success is Tendulkar, Success is Shahrukh.

Then I realised, Truth comes out. It's an instant effect you know.

- Vishal Aryan Komara