Sunday, 7 August 2016

One night @ Coorg.

It's 11.45pm . The German Sheperd had a squeaky voice. I guess it was hungry. Common, Summer guys.

I was browsing those wonderful writings by Hemmingway, where as my siblings enjoyed snoring to the fullest.All of a sudden, the door bell rang and I had no interest to play Sherlock.
My mom opened the door and it wasn't a moment which it ought to be. A perfect surprise at the witchy time.

It was the old caretaker of our estate who went missing for years. I don't remember the date, I guess 2 summer's ago.

However, I was confused for why he was being here at this time. Because, there were no clues about his whereabouts since 2 years.
The only question which irked me was - why is he back?

I guess that's his purpose in his life.

- Vishal Aryan Komara.